Protecting yourself against Covid19 is an obligation. Making sure you always have the right product for this is better.

FENOTAG and its partner are launching the connected mask in May 2020.

The traceability of reusable anti-covid 19 masks is essential. A badly used, badly washed or overused mask is a risk of contamination.

  • How to ensure that the masks provided comply with regulations ?  Have they been washed properly ?
  • How to be sure that masks guaranteed for 30 washes have not undergone 50 and therefore no longer filter properly ?
  • How then to manage these millions (billions) of potentially contaminated waste?
  • To all these questions, it became obvious to us that RFID, combined with an intelligent system and competent industrial partners, provided THE SOLUTION.

We integrate a UHF RFID chip into DGA approved masks, to certify that each mask has not exceeded the number of washes and that it has been washed in good conditions.

A 100% French production, developed with local partners and over 10 years of know-how in RFID technologies RFID chip integrated with Flashcode.