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FENOTAG is now proposing solution compatible with MRI !!

A patient with this device, ref FenoTex-2060MR can be scanned safely in an MR system under our specific condition recommandations. We tested  successfully our new tag using specific raw material and under specific inspection conditions recommended by hospital and equipement manufacturer. We compared our tags to standard tags from the market, and have been able to [...]

FenoTex 2060MR compatible with needle detector equipment

The needle detector equipment is commonly used in industrial laundry to detect all ferrous metal material and in particular remaining needles forgotten during costumes maintenance. The probem with all UHF used in the industry is the mettalic magnetic component present into the tag. FENOTAG has developped with its key partners some special material which are now [...]

FENOTAG introduced the New FenoTEX-1560

Fenotag has qualified a tag with specific dimention 58*15mm with a new hard Module and antenna design. It enables improved RF performance still with the famous Impinj Monza5 chip. Tag is available with heatsealable or sewing compatibility. And of course all options can still be proposed: Laser marking, color logo, Epc custom encoding, and special raw [...]

“L’industrie rebondit (encore) à Rousset” dans

Les disparitions de LFoundry et Nexcis ont pu faire oublier que d'autres entreprises continuaient leur expansion sur la zone industrielle de Rousset. 500 emplois s'y sont positionnés en 2015 et d'autres y sont prévus.   "L'industrie n'est pas condamnée en France, elle crée de vraies richesses. En deux ans, notre territoire a réussi à dépasser le [...]